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What is nesait?
21st December 2017, 10:52Antikore


Live and share

Nesait is a social network where you can share your articles with all around the world. 

It's easy and free.

You will not need your own website yet to make your own posts, with Nesait you can make  your professioanl posts and also read the other's posts.

I will explain what Nesait have to offer:

Future changes 1#
2nd December 2017, 13:13Antikore
Hello, I'm Antikore and I will show you some changes I will do in a future

  • Rules for each category
  • Make the UI more beautiful

That's all for now, bye.
Nesait is finished!!!
1st December 2017, 17:02Antikore

Very Happy  Nesait is finished!  Very Happy


Finally, I finished Nesait, the social network where you can post any content you want, all of that in text.  Smile

Is fully enjoyable!


Idea  Features  Idea

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